We are going with wrongchores of hierarchy You are telling me veritableshots, All the deteriorated waysof story Ending with tidal wave of cots. You are carrying a heavy mugof tea I am rolling my dreams in thenth number of degree, You are brawling for obscurefiction I am unfurling every possiblethe cast of idyllic conviction. I […]


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When satan reminds youof all the happy devil-ishenergy you haveinstead of worseningyour vibe. Trust all the favourite feelingsyou ever gone through. Have faith in every mindmedication you observebecause it will makeyou source-ful again. Remember all the peakswhich fed only heartbreak. Believe in the existenceof silence. Deal with all thenumb conversationsyou have in yourcross mind. Be […]

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Grandmother’s book

These days, why are you so much positive about the notion of death, I know we can’t run from this, but don’t you feel time is so diminishing ? “he grilled.” . She smiled, This can be long but try to get my point, ” she put the screw up.” . One day leering at […]

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Do you get this.

Dime a dozen times they said not to think too exceedingly But contineously in debt With all the regrets seemingly We laughed with flagging. And all the elation turned into Heartaches and melancholy.

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Glow of life

We are growing for the glow we need in our lives. We feel the whole world in our chest. It’s not the heaviness it’s the stress we keep for glowing in our future. It’s not shame to have a low salary job. And no big thing to have a getting large amount every month. It’s […]

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